Reinjan Mulder Fellowship for Literary Collections

This fellowship is supported by a generous gift of Reinjan Mulder.

The Allard Pierson holds an abundance of literary collections. Diverse authors and literary movements who have had a defining influence on Dutch literary history are represented. The primary emphasis is on the 17th and 19th centuries: Joost van den Vondel, Pieter Cornelisz Hooft and his ‘Muider Circle’ (Muiderkring), Potgieter and his periodical De Gids, Multatuli and numerous figures from the ‘Movement of Eighty’(Beweging van Tachtig). The 20th and 21st centuries, however, are also well represented, with archives of and collections on such authors as Nescio, Gerard Reve, Dick Hillenius, Dubravka Ugrešić, Arnon Grunberg, Reinjan Mulder, as well as the literary supplement (Boekenbijlage) of the magazine Vrij Nederland. A valuable complement to these literary collections are the publishers’ and book trade archives of the Library of the Book Trade (Bibliotheek van het Boekenvak) managed by the Allard Pierson. A particular aspect within the literary collections is translation practice, thanks to archives of such translators as Aleida Schot, Charles B. Timmer and Dolf Verspoor. The focus of the Reinjan Mulder Fellowship for Literary Collections is on modern, post-1800, literary collections.

Suggestions for research:

  • The authorial letter: means of communication versus literary genre.
  • Aspects of form (hand, writing material, page layout, visual elements) of authorial letters.
  • Literary work in newspapers and periodicals: a phase in the publishing process.
  • External literary influences on literary practice including friendships, the controlling influence of publishers and financial arrangements (subsidies, project grants).
  • The role of women within the ‘Movement of Eighty’ (Beweging van Tachtig).
  • Ella Geldmacher and Else Otten as translators of Frederik van Eeden.
  • Other topics related to the literary collections.

Searching the collection
Several literary collections can be found through Collection descriptions. Printed material can be accessed through the online catalogue of the UvA. Single literary manuscripts acquired before 1902 are included in B. Mendes da Costa, Catalogus der handschriften, Amster­dam 1902. Single manuscripts to have been acquired later are on fiches in the Allard Pierson Research Room. Making the literary collections accessible is still a work in progress. Please contact curator Klaas van der Hoek or collection specialist Jessie Pietens for any queries.

Questions about the literary collections can be directed to curator Klaas van der Hoek ( or collection specialist Jessie Pietens ( For questions about the application process contact fellowships programme coordinator Anna de Wilde (