House rules

Items from the heritage collections of the Allard Pierson are often rare and valuable. That is why we have drawn up some house rules.

  • Use the Research Room exclusively to consult material from the heritage collections and the reference library of the Allard Pierson.
  • Store coats and bags (including handbags and laptop bags) in the safes (deposit € 1) on the first floor.
  • Do not take food or drinks into the Research Room.
  • Switch off mobile telephones.
  • Always consider other visitors; disruptive behaviour will not be tolerated.
    • Wash your hands before handling material.
    • Consult no more than four items at a time.
    • Wear specially designated gloves when handling some precious items.
    • Use only the pencils on the tables for writing.
    • Put down the pencil when turning pages;
    • Place bound material on the appropriate cushions.
    • Do not open a tightly bound book any further than possible.
    • Do not place any writing paper on consulted material.
    • Place consulted material on the table. Don’t not stack material or place it upside down.
    • Fold foldable plates carefully in and out.
    • Never take consulted material out of the Research Room.
    • Return consulted material to the desk when taking a break.

Material can weighed before it is consulted. The librarian weighs it again when it is returned. If a difference in weight is observed, the chief curator will immediately examine the cause.