Why contribute to the Allard Pierson?

Het Allard Pierson is the museum and the knowledge institute for the heritage collections held at the University of Amsterdam. The museum shares the collections with the public and with the world of scholarship. Spanning up to 10,000 years of cultural history, the collections take us from the Nile to the Amstel. From Egyptian mummies, Greek pottery, medieval manuscripts, key books and maps from the Golden Age and the Artis Library, to recently acquired cartoons by Peter van Straaten and the archives of Arnon Grunberg and Irma Boom. Together they constitute one of Europe’s most important academic collections in the field of heritage, providing a unique, inspiring and inexhaustible source of knowledge and stories.

As the physical expression of the institutional and scholarly history of the University of Amsterdam, the collections form part of the national and international academic infrastructure for learning and research. They are a teaching resource for children and adults, students and professionals. They are also used for research purposes by students and researchers from universities all over the world.

The Allard Pierson is an active and reliable partner for collaboration and funding. We would be more than grateful for your involvement in our activities.


…. a unique, inspiring and inexhaustible source of knowledge and stories

The Allard Pierson shares highlights from the collections with a wide audience through permanent presentations that always touch on topical issues affecting society. In addition, two major international exhibitions are presented each year. In Allard Pierson Live, the zone open to the public free of charge,  visitors can take part in activities such as workshops, lectures, Skype sessions with archaeologists, and ‘In conversation with…’ conservators or restorers. The collections also form a bridge between the university and society, with events such as the Amsterdam Symposium on the History of Food, TypeAmsterdam and the History of the Book Summer School. Read more.


The Allard Pierson ensures the professional care, management and development of the collections, as well as their digitalisation, display and presentation, both in-house and on campus. Our monumental buildings with splendid period rooms at Oude Turfmarkt in the heart of Amsterdam welcome over 100,000 annual visitors and scholars to the museum and research spaces. A further 300,000 online visits to our image archives are made each year.