Donating and bequeathing

The Allard Pierson appreciates every donation, large or small.

Devotees of the heritage collections held by the University of Amsterdam support the Allard Pierson with contributions that vary from € 40 to € 100,000 or more. All our benefactors receive our annual report in which we explain what your donations and bequests make possible. That allow us to involve heritage devotees as much as possible in the activities of the Allard Pierson.

We offer you the possibility of making a one-off contribution to a specific project or collection area. We consider it important that your interests and involvement are in line with the purpose of your donation. We will subsequently keep you informed about the project or collection area that you support, because we want to let our patrons know that their donations are well spent.

Donation for a specific project
At the Allard Pierson, everything focuses on inquisitive minds, the quest to acquire knowledge, and its expression in words and images. The Allard Pierson arouses curiosity. Our collections constitute one of Europe’s most important academic collections of heritage, providing an inexhaustible source of knowledge and stories.

We want as many people as possible to discover these treasures. You can facilitate access to the storehouse of treasures held at the University of Amsterdam by donating to projects in the field of:

  • restoration – to ensure that collections can be shown to the public and are available for study purposes
  • online access – to make the collections accessible to everybody: researchers, students and the public
  • presentation and programming – to let a wider audience enjoy the collections
  • research – to learn more about the collections and history

One-off donation
If you want to make a donation without further information, you can transfer your generous contribution to the Amsterdam University Fund bank account: NL24ABNA 0453215653, specifying ‘The Allard Pierson Fund’.

If you want to join us and take responsibility for passing on the heritage collections of the university to future generations, we welcome three forms of support. You can support the Allard Pierson Fund as a Benefactor, Senator or Maecenas. In this way, you become affiliated with our collections and related activities. By enhancing your involvement with the Allard Pierson, you can also make the most of the fiscal advantages offered by the government.

Forms of involvement and privileges
As a Benefactor, Senator or Maecenas, you commit yourself to making an equal donation each year, for a period of at least five years, through a periodical donation agreement. This agreement offers a range of privileges. For instance, you will be invited to attend special occasions and exclusive receptions. Our Relations Manager would be happy to provide further information and answer any questions.

Benefactor from € 350 a year
You enjoy the same privileges as a Supporter, and we also invite you to attend special Benefactor activities.
Become a Benefactor

Senator from € 1.000 a year
You enjoy all the privileges of a Benefactor, and we also invite you to attend exclusive Senator receptions. You receive a copy of all new publications from the Allard Pierson.
Become a Senator

Maecenas from € 10.000 a year
You enjoy all the privileges of a Senator, and we also invite you to attend exclusive Maecenas receptions. You receive two copies of all new publications from the Allard Pierson as well as invitations to openings at our partner museums abroad. In addition, you are welcome to attend special events at the University of Amsterdam.
Become a Maecenas

A Named Fund allows you to make a very personal contribution to the future of the Allard Pierson. With a Named Fund you can perpetuate a family name or honour a loved one. A Named Fund enables you to designate a specific purpose for your contribution. You can establish a Named Fund for € 50,000 or more. The management of the Fund is entrusted to the Amsterdams University Fund.

Through the Amsterdam University Fund, a number of Named Funds and Themed Funds have been established to support specific collection areas and activities at the Allard Pierson.

  • Mr. Herman de la Fontaine Verwey Fund: supports activities in the area of Amsterdam book studies, including the maintenance of an endowed chair in ‘The study of the manuscript in relation to the history of civilisation, especially in the Middle Ages (500-1500)’ at the University of Amsterdam;
  • Th.J. Steenbergen Fund for the Amsterdam Golden Age: supports collections related to the Golden Age;
  • Artis Library Fund: supports the Artis Library and its collections;
  • Fund for Jewish Book Studies: supports activities in the area of Jewish book studies, including an endowed chair in ‘The history of the Jewish book’ at the University of Amsterdam;
  • Frankvoort-Van der Meer Fund: supports the circus collection in particular;
  • Walter Frankvoort Fund: supports the advancement and development of the collection of photography books;
  • Medical Heritage Fund: supports medical heritage in particular;
  • Rosenthal Fund: supports the Bibliotheca Rosenthaliana in particular;
  • Jansonius Fund for Historical Cartography: supports historical cartography;
  • Fund for the Archaeological Collection at the Allard Pierson: manages the fund held by the Society of Friends of the Allard Pierson Museum and supports the archaeological collections;
  • Fund for the Special Collections of the Allard Pierson: manages the fund held by the Foundation of Friends of the Special Collections and supports the collections, with the exception of the archaeological collections and the collections of the former Theater Instituut Nederland.

In addition, there is the Allard Pierson Fund. The Allard Pierson Fund supports the Allard Pierson in its entire scope, from collection management to education and research. Donations that fall outside the scope of the existing funds of the Allard Pierson can be allotted to this fund as an earmarked donation. The donation is then used for the specified purpose.

Do you want to ensure the proper management of a special collection? Talk to one of our conservators.

To discuss the various options, including fiscal arrangements, please contact collection secretary Ditmer Weertman. Email: or telephone (020) 525 2105 / 06 46 84 80 43

You can make a bequest to the Allard Pierson through your testament. You can appoint the Allard Pierson as a beneficiary in your testament and determine what part of your estate should be allocated to the Allard Pierson. Our policy is that bequests and legacies accrue to the reserves, unless a clear fondness for a particular collection area is known or apparent from the testament. In that case, depending on the amount of the legacy, the money bequeathed is allotted to one or more Themed Funds, or a Named Fund is established in memory of the testator.

As a registered charity (ANBI in Dutch), the Allard Pierson is fully exempt from payment of inheritance and gift tax. Your entire donation will therefore support the specified purpose.