Have you found something in the garden, or do you have an item lying around at home whose origin you are uncertain of? In the ArcheoHotspot, you can walk in without an appointment to assist in the work of an archaeologist. Your archaeological questions will also be answered. Drop in and get to know archaeology from close up, along with the many aspects that go to make it up. Enthusiastic volunteers are on hand every day to guide you through the constantly changing material. Conversely, you can make your contribution to archaeological research by helping to sort material or gluing shards together.

Young and old, hobbyist or expert – everyone is welcome to the ArcheoHotspot!

The ArcheoHotspot is in Allard Pierson Live. Groups of more than 15 should rather preferably contact beforehand using this email address: The ArcheoHotspot is suitable for school groups.

ArcheoHotspots have been made possible by:
The DOEN Foundation, the Mondriaan Fund, the VSB Fund, the Dioraphte Foundation, the Amsterdam University Fund, the Amsterdam Municipality, AWN Volunteers in Archaeology and Brabant Heritage.