Call for tender xCurator

The Allard Pierson and the Badisches Landesmuseum are looking for experienced and enthusiastic software developers who will develop a Proof of Concept for an AI-based application for collection access, called “xCurator”, within the Creative User Empowerment project.

Creative User Empowerment

The Creative User Empowerment (CUE) project is a collaboration between the Badisches Landesmuseum Karlsruhe and the Allard Pierson. CUE will use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to unlock heritage collections through an Open Source tool called xCurator.

With the development of the open-source tool xCurator, AI technologies will be used to automatically provide new, personalized access to the content of the museums and link it to in-depth external information levels.

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Submitting proposals development Proof of Concept xCurator

On 10 February 2022, the Badisches Landes Museum launched a call for proposals in the “Creative User Empowerment” project for the AI-based xCurator software application. The tender “Development of a Proof of Concept of the “xCurator” system” was launched via the Vergabemarktplatz in Baden-Württemberg. An application for participation can be submitted via this platform.

How does it work?

Is your company or institution interested in participating in the development of the xCurator? Then the first step is to register and submit an application to participate:

  • Submitting your request for participation. The deadline for submitting the application for participation is 10-03-2022, 11:00h.

After this, a first selection will be made of the applications and you will receive more information about submitting the proposal.

Factual questions can be asked via the Vergabemarktplatz.