Loan Applications

Museums, libraries and comparable institutions can apply to the Allard Pierson for artefacts for exhibition.

Loan conditions

The borrower must be able to comply with the general loan conditions of the Allard Pierson and with any special conditions that apply to particular loans or objects.
It is important to submit loan applications as early as possible, preferably at least six months before the start of the requested loan period. If you have any questions about loans, send an email to our registrats Birgit Maas and Sarina Vergeer. Send an e-mail.

Loan conditions


Selecting the objects that you would like will speed up dealing with a loan application. Consult the University of Amsterdam catalogue. Staff at the reception desk in the Special Collections Reading Room can assist you in your selection. They will also be able to arrange contact with the curators on factual questions.

Loan applications

Loan applications can be submitted by digital loan request form: see the link below. 

Only fully completed forms will be dealt with. By submitting a loan application, the applicant confirms compliance with the general loan conditions. The director of the Allard Pierson will decide whether to accept the loan application.

Loan application form