Heritage on Site

The Allard Pierson is responsible for managing thousands of historical and scientific artefacts and works of art kept in the University of Amsterdam buildings.

A large number of objects are to be found in the many buildings of the University of Amsterdam or in premises related to the history of the university and its collections. Conditions often prevail in these buildings that deviate from the museum environment. Inspections are conducted regularly to investigate the location, the condition and how the collections are administered.

General guidelines

The Allard Pierson has set out a number of general guidelines for heritage on site. These guidelines concern recording the location, controlling the climate (temperature and humidity) in rooms housing objects, checking the condition of the objects, reporting damage and reporting refurbishment to the buildings and moves. The guidelines are implemented in close cooperation with the on-site managers. They are the people who see the objects every day, notice any changes and report them.


For reporting damage to objects, return of objects, provision of (art) transport, designing representative spaces, reporting future refurbishment and/or moves (where the collection has to be moved), and also for information, advice or support regarding responsible management of objects (climate conditions, safety, condition etc.), please contact the Management & Maintenance department.

mw. drs. S. (Sandra) Marsfelder

Head of the Collection Management and Conservation department, S.Marsfelder@uva.nl | T: +31 (0) 20 525 3341 or +31 (0)6 51 73 32 45.